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LAUDA Ultracool CoolPrint Series 4

LAUDA Ultracool Chillers – Digital Printing

LAUDA Ultracool Series 4 - Digital Printing Chillers

The Ultracool Series 4 range of chillers are specifically designed to be used in conjunction with digital printing presses along with large scale labeling and packaging presses.

With the UC-0500 and the UC-0650, LAUDA Ultracool provides an optimized refrigeration system for use with the latest in digital printing technology, where higher cooling performance is required. This same chiller series can also be used in combination with smaller digital printing presses, thus replacing several independent chillers and acting as a central cooling system. Strong, reliable pumps supply the cooling water in long-term usage operations to the digital printing systems.

Technical features:

  • Compact air cooled unit in closed housing
  • Fully corrosion free (no carbon, steel or aluminum in contact with water)
  • Adjustable process liquid (= cooling liquid) temperatures from +25°C down to -5°C
  • Quality assurance certified in accordance with DIN ISO 9001
  • CE certified and UL/CSA listed


  • Tailor made for use with digital printing systems
  • Unit and housing designed according to IP 54 for outside installation (protection against precipitation recommended
  • Global service support hubs in three main time zones
  • Almost 60 years worldwide service network experience in temperature control systems
  • Extensive experience with refrigeration of digital printing system due to more than ten years cooperation with HP Indigo

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